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Billing and Invoicing Software

Billing and Invoicing Software

Do you prefer to use desktop applications software than Software as a Service or Cloud-based software services? If yes, then Ads India’s billion/invoicing software is the right option for you. The intuitive program is very easy to use and it has the ability to store information about your customers, products, and services. The software enables you to exercise total control on billing and invoicing, including personalization/customization. You can easily set up your account and the software will walk you through the steps involved, including the selection of currency and addition of your company logo. When creating customer profiles, you can store such information as contact details, attachments, and notes. Our billing/invoicing software also enables you to view statements and payments history for each customer separately. In addition, you can track notes and product prices and set up stock reorder levels. The system will prompt you when it is time to reorder inventories. Finally, you can specify the payment terms and tax details.

Ads India Billing/Invoicing Software Benefits

Billing/Invoicing is essential for all businesses, whether small, medium, or large. Ads India provides one of the simplest desktop software platforms for billing and invoicing. It is very easy to navigate because it comes with intuitive tools. Further, it enables a great deal of customization.

What Is GST?

Goods and Services Tax or GST is an indirect tax that replaces all other kinds of state and central government taxes and levies like excise duty, service tax, countervailing duty, value-added tax, entry tax, octroi, and luxury tax. Goods and services are taxed on the basis of value addition at different stages and not on the basis of the gross value of the bills at each stage. Further, the tax is eventually borne by the consumer rather than the product manufacturer or the service provider. The tax department will track the value addition at each stage and collect tax in proportion to the value added.

We are GST Compliant. This means that you get to know your GST liability, make payments, and file returns, through a single platform.

At Ads India, our goal is to help you simplify your work

  • Share your proposals, get notifications when approval is accorded by customers, convert estimates that are accepted into invoices, generate sales orders, and create projects
  • Give freedom of making online payments to your customers, get fast payment returns
  • Collect deposits, advance payments; on completion of transactions, use pre-payments when raising bills/invoices to your customers
  • Reduce billing time and accounting time, save on follow up payment calls
  • When transaction volumes increase with business growth, make accounting easy and reduce the pressure on staff

Key Features Ads India Billing Software

  • Ease of Use
  • Built-in Platform
  • Email Integration
  • Re-arrangement of Quotes and Estimates
  • Batch Invoicing
  • Built-in Timer
  • Add Company Logo
  • Edit Sections of an Invoice
  • Edit Fonts and Colors
  • Multiple Invoice Templates

Take a Tour Of Our Sample software

Student Registration

Here in this the admin enters students details from date DOB to branch and courses applied for. It is the first step to get all the details right. Entering each step is crucial as it would create an history of database.

Student List

Here you will find all the student details, you can find their details by entering the date of application or name of students or Course ID. This helps the admin to filter list

Course Details

This section is just adding course details of student applicant & ID to ease their process. This is adding after student is joining. Sharing proposals and g

Payment Add Bank

From which Bank account details & amount is added from where the fees is paid and keeping online time record & updating every semester

Create Receipt

Giving students confirmation of their fees payment. And having copy replacement incase of missing or deletion

Print Receipt

This software allows to print receipt in the formatted template the admin has selected to be printed.

Today's Collection

Now for every accounting staff, it's important to handle the finances and evenly distribution of payment. So this keeps record of every payment received. Sharing propo


Here you will find all time records for all student bank details and all time payment collections history Sharing proposals and getting notified when


This is for keep recording for due payment. If the student has paid half fee or paying through installation.

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