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Mass Mailing Software

Mass Mailing Software

The bulk mailer or mass email sender software is a professional email marketing system that provides a very high level of performance in building email lists and generating personalized and easy-to-create HTML newsletters. It streamlines the process of mass emailing. You need not have a thorough knowledge of HTML and you are also not required to manually enter all email addresses before sending a newsletter to the recipients. As our bulk email software takes care of the time-consuming activities, you will be able to focus on other important tasks.

Key Features


Speed is very important. Our bulk email sender software is one of the fastest in the market as it has the ability to utilize up to 500 connections simultaneously. However, it is important to note that it cannot be faster than your network connection. The hardware you use also has a role to play.

However, our email sender software has the ability to use the hardware and network speeds to their fullest potential. It is the built-in SMTP that makes this possible. It has been designed to work with the email settings of your existing ISP and you are not required to change any settings. Further, our email sender software’s ability in managing bounced emails stands out.

Above all, our mass mailer software enables you to send up to 30,000 emails per week without the need to worry about spam. Bulk Mailer forms just one important module of the extensive Email Marketing Studio which includes Email Auto responder and Email Verifier.

Built-in SMTP server

The powerful built-in SMTP server enables you to send emails directly from your PC to the recipient’s email server. This means that the ISP’s SMTP server gets bypassed completely, speeding up the messaging process. It will also eliminate nearly 70 percent of the notifications regarding the inability to deliver mails.

The SMTP server also resolves the issue of the ISPs disallowing bypassing of their SMTP server through the relay mode, which involves sending a specified number of messages per hour. This prevents the ISPs from closing their 25 port and blocking you from sending emails. The relay mode also ensures that you are not breaking any of the rules of your ISP.

In addition, the burst mode that enables you to choose a list and instantaneously send messages to all the email addresses on that list.

Allows use of Google Analytics to evaluate campaigns

Google Analytics, available for free, helps you to track the behavior of the visitors that come to your website. More importantly, it tells you as to how many visitors are coming to your website through the email newsletter. This is because Google Analytics provides information on traffic sources. You can use this information to set goals, incorporate changes in your newsletters to ensure better conversions, and do a lot of other things to increase the traffic to your website.


We guarantee privacy. In addition to being a very powerful email marketing solutions, our software prevents security breaches and stealing of customer data. Some email marketing software available in the market cannot guarantee that your email lists will be safe. Our email marketing system ensures security and comes with a very high degree of personalization and customization options to improve your conversion rates and the bottom line of your business. All your data will be stored securely in your computer in such a way that it cannot be hacked.


Antivirus and security software such as Zone Alarm, Norton Antivirus, Panda, and other firewall software can deny Internet access. It is, therefore, important to make sure that the antivirus and firewall software that you have installed allow Internet connection through 25 and 80 Ports so as to enable the Bulk Mailer to send messages. Further, it is important to disable outgoing emails checking by these programs. If you want to use the direct sending mode, then you should have access to SMTP Port 25. When working under a firewall, you can send emails through socks proxy server or by way of the relay sending mode.

It is possible to install the Bulk Mailer on Dedicated/VPS Windows servers with the help of a special Email Sending Script. However, you must pay attention as the sending speed can vary depending on the Internet connection and the size of the message.

  • Create, send, and track the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns
  • Add/Import Contacts
  • Email Open Reporting
  • Open/Link/Unsubscribe Reporting
  • Send Now/Later
  • Easy WYSIWYG Editing
  • Email Personalization
  • Easily Upload Images
  • Use Your Existing Template
  • Easy and Automatic Unsubscribe
  • No Duplicate Emails – Ever
  • Upload and Send Attachments

Our mass mailing software offers a great deal of functionality, making it easy to create mailing lists and personalized HTML newsletters. The benefits offered by our mass mailing software include:

  • Sends 20,000 messages every hour
  • Enables mail merge and very high levels of customization
  • Offers a powerful HTML editor with flash, image, and attachment capabilities
  • Contact lists remain private and secure
  • Automatic processing for bounced emails; Bounce Manager categorizes undelivered emails and removes them from the mailing list and unsubscribe them automatically
  • Custom opt-in forms that are embedded in the website boost subscriptions and provide information by way of additional custom fields
  • Email tracking: opens, clicks, unsubscribe, and integration of Google Analytics
  • Scheduling of email marketing campaigns through Scheduler to send emails automatically on a later date without the need to initiate the process
  • Easy backup program; restore, if needed, by easily transferring data from one PC to another
  • Seamless integration with Email Verifier

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